Raise it Purple

Sign up and Raise it Purple throughout November for PCA!

Raise it Purple.

Collection tins

We are asking our supporters to place collection tins within their community – an easy and effective way to raise vital funds and improve early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer! 

With just 50 collections out in circulation, we could potentially raise £13,500 over the course of the year – a fantastic amount of funds and awareness from just placing collection tins! 

Don’t forget to keep your collections safe and legal!  Click here for further information. 

Collection stands

There are lots of places where you can collect funds for us, such as your local high street, a local sporting event, a train station or a shopping centre. Supermarkets are also a great place to hold a collection stand. 

Different types of collections: 

There are many different forms of charitable collections, and all have different rules associated with them. Some of the most common are: 

  • Street collections – If you are holding a collection in the street, you must obtain a licence, either from your local authority or in Greater London, the Metropolitan Police.
  • Private collections – If your collection is still open to the public, but being held on private property, such as within a shopping centre or rail station, you must obtain permission from the landowner or manager.
  • Static collection boxes – Boxes must be secure and tamper-proof. You do not need a licence to place these in a shop or business, just permission from the business owner. 
  • House-to-house collections – Licences must be obtained from the relevant local authority or Metropolitan Police.

Where your money goes 

Pancreatic Cancer Action has achieved so much this year, thanks to your generous donations. 

Our work wouldn’t happen without the money you raise and donate. Every pound and penny helps us make a big difference to people with pancreatic cancer and enables us to support their families and loved ones. 

Find out what your generous donations fund; 

  • We have disseminated 3984 health information booklets in 2023 alone, free of charge to patients, healthcare professionals, carers and family members who need them. 
  • We have reached over 5,000 people through awareness activities in Scotland. 
  • 7,000 GPs in the UK have completed our e-learning, and we know from their first-hand experience that this has made a real difference in saving lives. 

Here are some ways your donations could help our work in the future; 

  • £500 – Could get our accredited patient information into hospitals and cancer centres.  
  • £100 – Could provide personalised one-to-one support calls for patients.  
  • £20 – Could ensure a local GP or Pharmacist gets expert information on detecting pancreatic cancer.  
  • £10 – Could deliver patients and families specialist information and support.