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Payroll Giving is one of the easiest and tax effective ways to donate to Pancreatic Cancer Action and allows you to help those effected by pancreatic cancer every time you get paid.

A donation of £10 to Pancreatic Cancer Action only costs you £8 as the donation is deducted before income tax is applied.

“It costs you less to give more!” 

Payroll Giving provides us with a steady source of income allowing us to plan for our future work; raising more awareness, educating medical professionals, providing patient support and information and funding vital research into early diagnostic tools. Your gift really can make a difference. Find out where your donations go.

Or contact to find out more about the scheme.

Payroll Giving For Employers

Payroll Giving is a great way to engage with your employees and can be a great asset to your benefits package along with it begin an excellent addition to your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

It is easy top set up and run and there are very few costs to you!

How to set up the scheme
  • Register with Charitable Giving (our approved Payroll Giving Agency) – they send your employees’s donations direct to their nominated charities
  • Then promote payroll giving scheme to staff either through your internal networks or requesting information from PCA by emailing
  • Pancreatic Cancer Action and any other nominated charities will receive the funds directly from the agency.


Payroll Giving Brochure for Employers

Operating Payroll Giving scheme

Payroll Giving For Employees

Payroll Giving allows you to support charities of your choice through your gross pay/pension. The donations are taken from your pay/pension before income tax is applied making it a tax-effective way to give!

  • Choose you donation
  • Complete a Donation Choice Form
  • Relax, knowing you a making a difference each month

Decide how much you wish to pledge each payday. A £10.00 pledge would only ‘cost’ a standard rate tax payer £8.00 and a higher rate tax payer just £6.00. Try our donation calculator to see how much your own pledge would cost based on your own tax rate.

Set up a regular donation through your payroll today! click here to begin the process or email for more information.


Payroll Giving Brochure for Employees

Donation Choice Form for Employees

What if I change jobs? 

Even if you change jobs you can still continue to give as long as your employer is registered with a Payroll Giving Agency (PGA). A list of agencies can be found here – Approved Payroll Giving Agencies