Meet the team

Founder and CEO

Ali Stunt

I founded Pancreatic Cancer Action in 2010 with one aim: to improve survival for the disease by getting more people diagnosed in time for resectional surgery (to remove the tumour) – currently the only potential we have for a cure.

I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August 2007 age 41 and was one of those lucky enough to be diagnosed in time for surgery to be an option. 

I am passionate about improving early diagnosis for pancreatic cancer so that others can have the same outcome I have had. 

My survival shows that there is hope, that early diagnosis is possible and that survival is achievable.

In the little spare time I have, I enjoy cooking and baking, being with friends and walking my lovely golden retriever, Meg in the beautiful Surrey countryside by my home.

Read more about Ali’s work at Pancreatic Cancer Action here. 

Health Information and Development 

Fiona Brown – Development Manager Scotland

I lost my mum to pancreatic cancer in 2003 and, with no pancreatic cancer charities in existence at that time, I channelled my energy into fundraising and volunteering for Marie Curie in memory of my mum. In early 2014, I became involved in raising awareness of pancreatic cancer and subsequently joined the steering committee of Pancreatic Cancer Scotland in August 2014.

Sadly, my family has experienced the impact of pancreatic cancer again, with the loss of a second family member to the disease in October 2014.

After a 15-year career as an accountant, I changed career paths to become Development Manager for PCS in March 2017. I feel honoured to have the opportunity to partner my business skills and experience with my passion for working to change the pancreatic cancer story. Having met so many people that have been affected by this cruel disease, including survivors, I want to share hope with people.

Joe Kirwin – Health Policy & Projects Manager

Joe Kirwin

I am proud to work for Pancreatic Cancer Action because it is an organisation working on the front line with patients, families and carers.

My role is to work with GPs, pharmacists, politicians, policy makers and health care professionals to make lasting changes that will improve early diagnosis and save lives. I also make sure our range of booklets and leaflets available for health care professionals and the public are kept updated with the latest developments in research and treatment. We also have specialist e-learning modules for GPs and Pharmacists as part of our drive to improve early diagnosis and awareness and in turn improve survival rates.

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Nicky McManus – Policy and Public Affairs Assistant

I joined the PCS team (pre-merger) in March 2020 after completing an honours degree in History and Social Policy at the University of Strathclyde, during my degree I also worked as a parliamentary assistant for a member of the Scottish Parliament.

My mum died from Pancreatic cancer nearly 10 years ago and I have seen first-hand the devastating effects this can have on family and friends.

The decade of change is pivotal in the fight against pancreatic cancer, with the need to improve survival rates for the world’s toughest cancer more important now than ever, I am delighted to be part of the team on this journey.

The Marketing Team 

Issy Smith – Campaigns Manager

When I joined PCA in 2016, I was immediately inspired by the passion of everyone in the team which has since rubbed off on me and is something I am proud to carry in my daily life. Learning of the poor survival rate that hasn’t changed in barely 50 years, I knew I had to be a part of Pancreatic Cancer Action and help to change this.

I oversee the daily marketing activities and plan and implement all of our campaigns.

Contact Issy on or call 0303 040 1770 ext 3

Jack McQuillan – Marketing Assistant

I joined PCA as a marketing assistant last August and although I’ve only been here for a short time, I have already witnessed the incredible passion and dedication that the whole team invests into making a real difference. 

My role is to support the marketing team and to help run campaigns including Purple Lights for Pancreatic Cancer. This has not only allowed me to develop my own personal marketing skills, but my knowledge of pancreatic cancer has also increased considerably too.

I now recognise more than ever the vital importance of early diagnosis in the fight against this disease and look forward to doing what I can to help.

Contact Jack on or call 0303 040 1770 ext 3

The Fundraising Team

Lorrain Rudge – Development Manager

I am delighted to head up the Fundraising team and work with our treasured supporters. I am blown away by the significant difference that PCA has made in 10 years and I am looking forward to leading the team as we build on this success, making sure that every penny counts in driving up survival rates and improving education and early diagnosis.

I am excited to join this ambitious and driven team and hope I can inspire more support for this outstanding charity, together we can make the difference that is needed to change outcomes and deliver impact. Please get in touch and share your ideas, I can’t wait to work with you.

Contact Lorraine on – or call 0303 040 1770 ext 2

Annie Whillians – Fundraising Executive

After sadly losing my Grandad to the disease back in 2007, having a personal connection with pancreatic cancer has inspired me to be part of a growing team who are passionate about making the general public and medical professionals aware that pancreatic cancer CAN be survived, if the diagnosis is early enough.

I play a vital part in communicating and building relationships with all our wonderful supporters and fundraisers. Ensuring that everybody taking part in a challenge event is registered and ready to go as well as showing my ongoing support throughout their fundraising. As well as looking after our bespoke PCA events and coordinating all own place participants in their fundraising ventures.

Contact Annie on – or call 0303 040 1770 ext 2

Murray Easton – Head of Fundraising and Supporter Relations Scotland

Back in 2004 I made quite a dramatic career move from working in the financial sector to the charity sector. And I’ve never looked back. I love using my energy, skills and experience to make a difference and enjoyed working with Maggie’s, Marie Curie, British Heart Foundation and Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

I previously worked as a consultant for Pancreatic Cancer Scotland in 2015/16 and I was very excited to rejoin the charity in 2019 to work on the merger with Pancreatic Cancer Action and our exciting new vision.

We have a lot of work to do to make the 2020’s the decade of change for pancreatic cancer.

I take heart from 2 main things;

  1. Our passionate and determined supporters who do so much to raise funds and awareness. Meeting and speaking with them inspires me every single day. Many have had their hearts broken and want to do all they can to save just one family from a similar experience. Thank you for all you do.
  1. Seeing how far other cancers have progressed in time. When I started in the sector all cancers were still ‘the big C’. I am pleased at how far prostate cancer awareness has come in the last 5-years, they’ve really got the message out there. With our supporters help, we can do the same.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat, ping me an email at to arrange a time.

The Operations Team

Gemma Brown – Executive Assistant to Ali Stunt

Having worked in the Events industry for over 10 years I was very excited for my career to take a change in direction to the not-for-profit sector and join the wonderful PCA team in March 2016.

My role mostly involves managing Ali’s diary and travel arrangements which at times can be quite a juggling act! I organise all of the conferences and exhibitions for PCA to exhibit at which helps to increase awareness with medical professionals and the public. I also arrange all of the Occupational Health in the workplace sessions.

As Ali’s story is so unique and inspiring I find that arranging speaking sessions for her at some of the big industry conferences and events is very powerful.

It is extremely rewarding to work for a charity like this which is working so hard to drive early diagnosis and awareness and in turn improve survival rates.

Contact Gemma on – or call 0303 040 1770 ext 208