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Control the symptoms of pancreatic cancer

This booklet covers the different procedures used to control pancreatic cancer symptoms with practical information about your hospital visit and returning home. Includes a section about second opinions, clinical trials and questions to ask your doctor and a glossary to explain some of the terms used.

This section aims to inform you of some of the more common symptoms and how they might progress. It can help prepare you for what to expect.


When you are first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer it can be frightening, upsetting and bewildering. The symptoms you may have been having prior to diagnosis might seem relatively mild compared to what you would expect from a serious illness.

Managing your symptoms is important to make sure that you can enjoy the best possible quality of life. How symptoms are managed varies from person to person. You should inform your medical team of any new symptoms or changes in existing ones to ensure that you get the support you need.

Peoples fears around pancreatic cancer commonly centre around managing their symptoms and pain. You may not experience many symptoms discussed here, or you may experience different symptoms at different times. The important thing is to ensure that you speak to a carer or health care professional about any symptoms as they arise. Good symptom management can ensure that you have the highest possible quality of life.

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