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Surgery for Operable Pancreatic cancer

This booklet contains information on the different types of surgery available and practical information about your hospital visit and returning home. It also includes a section about second opinions, clinical trials and questions to ask your doctor and a glossary to explain some of the terms used.

Bypass surgery may be offered to you rather than a stent depending on the blockage and your symptoms.

Bypass surgery may also take place if during surgery to remove a tumour it is found that the tumour had spread beyond the pancreas and removing only part of the tumour is not beneficial. Bypass surgery will not remove all the tumour and it is used for symptom relief not a cure. 

The surgery aims to allow you to recover as quickly as possible (so that more appropriate treatment may be started) and make sure the liver and stomach continue to work properly. bile duct directly to part of the small intestine called the jejunum. 

This allows the bile to flow from the liver into the small intestine and in time the jaundice should fade. At the same time your surgeon will connect a piece of small intestine to the stomach, to bypass the duodenum. This will let your stomach empty properly and should prevent blockage of the duodenum later. 

How will I feel afterwards?

You may be cared for in a High Dependency Unit (HDU) before going back to the ward. You might be able to start drinking fluids the evening after your operation and gradually start eating solid food. You should be able to go home once you’re eating and drinking has improved, and your jaundice is getting better. 

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