I’m concerned

If you are worried about pancreatic cancer it can be an anxious time. You may have questions about what pancreatic cancer is, what the symptoms are and if you have an increased chance of getting the disease. This section will tell you about pancreatic cancer and give you some of the tools and resources to understand the disease.

If you are worried about any symptoms you are experiencing, you can track them using our symptom diary and take it to your GP. You can also see a list of questions it may be useful to ask in medical appointments to help you know if your symptoms are likely to be cancer.

This section also explains how the disease is diagnosed and some of the tests you may have to try and find out what is happening.

Finally, you can read some blogs written by patients and those who care for them, about their own experiences with pancreatic cancer.

Symptom diary image
Patient Information Booklets

Symptoms diary

If you are having symptoms you feel might be pancreatic cancer and you are worried, this diary could help you to talk to your doctor. Using a symptoms diary will help you track when you have been having symptoms, and how frequent and persistent they are.

Patient and Carer stories

In this section you can read real life stories from patients and carers who have shared their stories with us to help you.