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Pancreatic Cancer Stories from our People of PanCan community

Read about the Pancreatic Cancer stories and experiences other patients and carers have shared with us.

If you've been affected by pancreatic cancer, one of the most amazing ways you can help raise awareness and provide support to others, is by sharing your pancreatic cancer stories.

pancreatic cancer stories

Whether you’re a patient, a survivor, a friend, or a family member; sharing your story is a powerful way to remind others that they are not alone.

Hearing someone else’s pancreatic cancer story can make a huge difference to those affected by pancreatic cancer and can help raise awareness of the disease to those who have never heard of it before and even save lives.

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Our People of PanCan community is made up of patients, friends, and families who have been affected by pancreatic cancer and who have shared their pancreatic cancer stories to help raise awareness of the disease and remind others that they are not alone in their journeys.


One of the simplest and most effective ways to spread the word is to talk about pancreatic cancer with as many people as possible. Because people know so little about the disease and are shocked by the statistics, they are likely to talk to other people about it.

If you’ve lost someone or know someone suffering from pancreatic cancer, it may be hard to talk about it with people you know. However, asking them to support you by finding out more information about pancreatic cancer and its symptoms, and sharing it with their networks can be a great way to start raising awareness.

If you feel confident, you could organise a talk at your local community centre or other venues. We can supply you with a presentation to help. Contact for more information.

If you submit your story to us we will always contact you first before we use it and we will not give out your contact details to anyone without your express consent.