Is your place of work Pancreatic Cancer Aware?

It is estimated that by 2030 there will be over a million people of working age living with cancer. The importance of getting people in the workplace, and their employers, involved in learning about cancer is more important than ever.

More ways to involve your business

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A cancer diagnosis can have a real effect on the whole organisation and present challenges, particularly to management teams. It is important that companies are prepared when it comes to support and to be proactive in raising awareness of cancer in the workplace to help improve early diagnosis.

We can arrange to host a webinar for your place of work and deliver an interactive and engaging session to help raise awareness of this devastating disease.

Book a workplace webinar

We can arrange for a workplace talk to be streamed as a live webinar/Zoom call, where coworkers can watch the presentation and participate in a Q&A session from the comfort of their own homes.

The webinar will be held by the founder and CEO of Pancreatic Cancer Action, Ali Stunt. As a rare 14-year survivor of pancreatic cancer, Ali can speak from personal experience.

We can also provide you with a pre-recorded copy of the talk that can be placed on your company’s intranet or emailed out to colleagues.

100% of people who attended a talk felt that it was worth their time!

Share awareness information

Raising awareness of pancreatic cancer is essential in helping to reduce the number of people who die from pancreatic cancer each year. We know that early detection can save lives.

In order to continue raising awareness at this time, we have made all our awareness materials available to download online free of charge. From here they can be printed off, placed on your company’s intranet or emailed out to colleagues, family and friends.

All our public health information is certified by the Information Standard and is informative and easy to understand.