Share awareness information

Raising awareness is key to early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. A great way to do this is by sharing our awareness information and materials.

Share Awareness Information

In order to continue raising awareness at this time, we have made all of our awareness materials available to download online and free of charge. From here you are welcome to distribute them in any way that you wish, including the following:

Share on social media

Sharing our awareness materials on social media with your friends and followers can be a very effective way of reaching a large number of people and at no cost.

Why not post them in community groups, direct message your friends, or share with people in a group chat to reach an even larger audience.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Share our Pancreatic Cancer Aware Symptoms Video below:

Upload to your company’s intranet

Adding our materials to your company’s intranet is a great way to increase awareness amongst colleagues. This may be especially true now as many people are working from home and relying on their company’s intranet to stay updated.

If you don’t have authorisation to add the materials yourself, ontact your manager or HR officer and suggest that they may be of interest to the whole team.

Check out our other options available to raise awareness at work, despite working from home:

Email to people you know

Simply emailing your family, friends and colleagues can be a quick and easy way of sharing our awareness materials.

Why not suggest that they do the same and pass on to people they know too.

All our public health information is certified by the Information Standard and is informative and easy to understand.