Life after pancreatic cancer treatment

If your treatment for pancreatic cancer has removed or destroyed the cancer cells and you have been told that treatment is finished, you may have mixed feelings. It can be a difficult time and just because you are told that your cancer treatment is over does not mean that the experience of cancer is. These pages will aim to guide you through this time:

Pancreatic Cancer Action
Patient Information Booklets

Diet and Nutrition for Patients

This booklet contains information about how pancreatic cancer can affect your diet and nutrition. Provides information on managing dietary symptoms such as malabsorption, enzyme replacement, poor appetite, weight loss and managing diarrhoea. Contains a section about dietary supplements and information about diabetes and diet.

Who is a pancreatic cancer survivor?

You may hear terms such as “cancer survivor” or “battle with cancer”. Some people find this kind of message positive and inspiring, but others find it unhelpful. You may have considered yourself a cancer survivor from the moment you had your diagnosis, or you may never think of yourself that way. People respond to words and phrases differently, but this information refers to people who have finished their treatment for pancreatic cancer.  

You may have read that the 5-year and 10-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is very low. However, if you have been successfully treated for pancreatic cancer your chances of reaching 5, 10 years and beyond is much better.    

Helpful information:

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