Finances and relationships after pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer may have affected your finances and can change your relationships with the people you care most about. Here is some advice and tips on how to deal with these changes:


Pancreatic cancer may have affected your finances. You may have had more costs and less money with which to pay for them.

You should not feel rushed to go back to work, and when you do, your return may be phased. It can be difficult to work out what benefits you are entitled to, and this can change with your circumstances as you recover.

Your insurance coverage may also change after cancer. You may need to let insurers know your diagnosis and may have difficulties with travel insurance. Your health insurance may also be affected.

Macmillan Cancer Support and Citizens Advice can help you to manage your finances as you recover. They can also advise on your legal rights and how to talk to your employer about your return to work and the kind of work you are able to do.


Cancer can change your relationships with the people you care most about. If a loved one cares for you during your illness it can change the dynamic of your relationship. Some people say that cancer brings them closer in many ways, especially if they can talk about it. Some people however need space or cope in different ways.

It can be difficult to reset your relationship after cancer. It will naturally change as you need less care but consider it as evolving rather than returning to exactly how things were before.

It is likely that the people who cared for you are feeling many of the same emotions as you. They may be anxious about your cancer coming back. They may be relieved and excited about the future. Speaking to them about their feelings can help you share more and help you to build your future relationship together.

For emotional support, you can contact the MacMillan Cancer Support Line on 0808 239 69 62. They are open 7 days a week, 8am-8pm.