Diet and nutrition for pancreatic cancer

This section of the website contains pages with information on managing dietary symptoms such as poor appetite, weight loss and diarrhoea.

Nutrition is an important focus for people who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.The disease itself, along with treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can change your bodys ability to digest and absorb nutrients from food.

The advice given here aims to be general but depending on the stage of your disease, advice may vary. If you have any concerns, it is best to discuss these with your GP, dietitian or specialist nurse.

Patient Information Booklets

Diet and nutrition for patients

This booklet contains information about how pancreatic cancer can affect your diet and nutrition. Provides information on managing dietary symptoms such as malabsorption, enzyme replacement, poor appetite, weight loss and managing diarrhoea. Contains a section about dietary supplements and information about diabetes and diet.

Recipe Book Front Cover
Patient Information Booklets

Patient recipe book

This recipe book provides advice on how best to combat cancer-induced weight loss and other eating related problems whilst undergoing pancreatic cancer treatment. It features over 80 quick, easy and energy dense recipes for nourishing meals and snacks that have been created specifically for people who find it hard to maintain a healthy weight.