Campaign and Influence

It is important that key stakeholders and policy makers in Government are made aware of the issues surrounding pancreatic cancer. From inequalities in funding, care and survival to access to treatments and the lack of public awareness of the disease, we highlight this wherever we can.

Our current campaigning

Pancreatic Cancer Action is a member of several groups committed to campaigning and furthering the case of patients with pancreatic cancer.

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Poor UK Survival Rates

In September 2019, a new study was released revealing that cancer patients in the UK still face worse survival rates than other comparable high-income countries.

We are calling for specific policy targets for pancreatic cancer to tackle this.

Why are we doing this?

The NHS Long Term Plans sets out a target of 75% of cancers diagnosed in the early stages of the disease (stages one and two). 

For cancers with vague symptoms like pancreatic cancer, this represents a challenge that currently cannot be met. 

Between ten and twenty percent of pancreatic cancer is currently diagnosed in the early stages and for many patients, survival remains under six months. 

What are we doing about it?

Pancreatic Cancer Action is dedicated to improving early diagnosis of the disease.

We act to raise awareness of the causes and symptoms of pancreatic cancer amongst health care professionals and the public. We provide a voice for those affected by pancreatic cancer at parliament and we fund research into early diagnosis of the disease. 

We cannot overcome the challenge of early diagnosis and survival alone.  

Acting Together

We will act together with charities representing other cancers with vague symptoms to push for a specific target for early diagnosis. This target needs to be backed up with policies such as those in Australia, to create real change and make the progress in survival that pancreatic cancer desperately needs.  

Make Poor Survival Rates a Thing of the Past

The September 2019 study is not the first to show pancreatic cancer survival rates lagging behind others. 

We are calling for specific policy targets and investment…

… ensure that it is the last.