Campaign and Influence

It is important that key stakeholders and policy makers in Government are made aware of the issues surrounding pancreatic cancer. From inequalities in funding, care and survival to access to treatments and the lack of public awareness of the disease. We highlight this wherever we can and provide a voice for those affected by pancreatic cancer at parliament.

Making Poor Survival Rates a Thing of the Past

Cancer patients in the UK face worse survival rates than other comparable high-income countries. The NHS sets out a target of 75% of cancers diagnosed in the early stages of the disease (stages one and two). For cancers with vague symptoms like pancreatic cancer, this represents a challenge that currently cannot be met. 

Between ten and twenty percent of pancreatic cancer is currently diagnosed in the early stages and for many patients, survival remains under six months. 

We are calling for specific policy targets and investment for pancreatic cancer to tackle this.

We are calling for policy action to ensure that there is a measurable target for improving the survival of pancreatic cancer. We are also calling for more investment in cancer services from diagnostic scanners to cancer specialist nurses. We want to see long term commitments to NHS staffing and estates.

Taking Action Together

We cannot overcome the challenge of early diagnosis and survival alone!  We work with other charities to be a voice for pancreatic cancer alongside other cancers or conditions with similar barriers to diagnosis and survival. Our voices are more powerful when combined with others and we use these groups to help push for issues important to us and our supporters.

Our calls for policy targets for pancreatic cancer can travel further when there are many voices to amplify them. We are determined to push for policies that will benefit pancreatic cancer patients and drive earlier diagnosis.