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Our past campaigns have successfully led to debates in parliament, access to drugs and meetings with health ministers.

We use all of the information gathered and lessons learnt from past campaigns to influence what we do now, and the policy targets we are calling for.

Examples of past campaigns are listed below;

2013 Debate in the houses of parliament

In April 2013, we helped supporter Maggie Watts to put together an e-petition asking for increased pancreatic cancer research finding and awareness. This petition received 100,000 signatures and a backbench debate took place in parliament, attended by the then health minister in 2014.

2015 Access to drugs

In 2015, we launched a campaign with the aim of getting the Department of Health and NHS England to reinstate Abraxane®, a drug that extends the life of some patients with pancreatic cancer. We demonstrated outside the Department of Health and launched a petition which received over 40,000 signatures. Abraxane® has since been reinstated and is available to patients across the country.

2016 Pancreatic cancer inequality report

In 2016, we launched a report into inequalities in pancreatic cancer care. Examining the stark regional and global inequalities which prevent progress being made in the tackling of the disease, this report concluded in a tenpoint plan which forms the evidence base for current and future campaigns. 

2018 “9 in 10”

In 2018, we examined figures from the National Cancer Intelligence Network that showed 9 in 10 patients who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer following an emergency presentation will die within a year and only four in ten will survive more than a month.

Our campaign resulted in a meeting with the (then) health secretary Jeremy Hunt where we were able to bring this and other issues for patients with pancreatic cancer to his attention.