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Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

Pancrinformation-standard-member-logo-positive_fulleatic cancer is sometimes called a “silent cancer” because the early symptoms are often vague and unrecognised.  However, please be aware of the following symptoms as if pancreatic cancer is caught early, surgery that could cure the cancer is possible.

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Classic pancreatic cancer symptoms can include:

Other possible symptoms of pancreatic cancer:

Not everyone will have all of these symptoms.  For example, those who have a tumour in the body or tail of the pancreas are unlikely to have painless jaundice.

All of these symptoms can have other causes, and there is not yet a reliable and easy test for pancreatic cancer.

If you regularly experience ONE OR MORE of these symptoms which are NOT NORMAL FOR YOU, DO NOT IGNORE THEM, contact your GP straight away.


Keep track of any symptoms you may be experiencing with our symptom diary – click on the link to download a copy.


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Pancreatic Cancer Action Symptoms diary













Contact the NHS 111 Service

For general health information as well as information on pancreatic cancer, visit NHS Choices

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