Partnerships and coalitions

We are proud to work collaboratively with many partnerships and coalitions across the UK. Working with these groups allows us to share valuable ideas, opinions and goals, enabling change across all four nations.

Advanced Cancers Coalition 

The Advanced Cancers Coalition (ACC) is a group of over a dozen charities representing cancers diagnosed at a late stage or are treatable but incurable.

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Pancreatic Cancer 

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Pancreatic Cancer (APPGPC) brings stakeholders within the pancreatic cancer community together to provide a forum with MPs and Peers to ensure that pancreatic cancer remains high on the political agenda through inquiries and regular meetings. APPGPC members also table debates and ask oral and written questions on relevant issues related to pancreatic cancer.

By working together, we provide a stronger voice for the cancer community, patients, and families within Scotland. For the Scottish Government, Ministers, MSPs and NHS Scotland, the Coalition offers the value and the benefit of a regular and coherent communication channel with their key stakeholders. 

Cancer 52

55% of UK cancer deaths are from rare and less common cancers. Cancer52 is an alliance of over 100 organisations working to address this inequality and improve outcomes for patients with these highly challenging diseases.

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Cross Party Group on Cancer – Scotland 

The Cross Party Group aims to act as a channel of communication between the Scottish Parliament and people and organisations working in cancer research, treatment, care and prevention. To identify areas where inequalities exist in providing cancer care and campaign for their improvement.

Cross Party Group on Cancer – Wales 

The group aims to facilitate discussion between Members of Senedd, medical professionals, charities, and those affected by cancer to identify ways to improve cancer outcomes and patient experience in Wales and campaign for those improvements.

Cross Party Group on Health Inequalities – Scotland 

The group aims to raise awareness of the causes of health inequalities among parliamentarians to influence legislation and amongst policymakers to promote evidence-based actions that reduce health inequalities and avoid legislation and policies that will worsen health inequalities in Scotland.

Cross Party Group on Palliative Care – Scotland 

The group aims to act as a channel of communication between the Scottish Parliament and people and organisations working in palliative care. The group focuses on increasing awareness and raising the profile of palliative care, providing opportunities for Members of the Scottish Parliament to learn about the needs and services of palliative care and the issues involved in palliative care provision. They also aim to put palliative care on the agenda of the Health and Sport Committee.

Less Survivable Cancer Taskforce 

The Less Survivable Cancers Taskforce represents the ‘less survivable cancers’, which include pancreatic, lung, liver, brain, oesophageal and stomach cancers. These cancers all have a five-year survival rate of less than 20% following decades of underfunding. In the UK, these six cancers account for over 69,000 deaths, representing 42% of all cancer deaths each year. 

Formed by charities supporting patients with these cancers, the taskforce calls for these cancers to be prioritised in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We have joined together to improve outcomes and experiences for all people diagnosed with less survivable cancer across the UK.

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National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)

Together, we champion charities and volunteers. The compassionate people who make a daily difference. The collective impact made across the country. For stronger communities. For everyone. Everywhere.

We unite to champion the remarkable role of charities and volunteers. By speaking up and supporting each other to make a bigger difference

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Non-Communicable Disease Alliance 

NCD Alliance Scotland is a coalition of health organisations who are working together to reduce the health burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through action on alcohol, tobacco and high fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) products.

Twitter- @NCDAllianceScot

One Cancer Voice

A group of over 60 cancer charities that collectively supports millions of people with cancer. We want the Prime Minister to commit to dramatically improving the experience and outcomes of people affected by cancer.


Scottish Cancer Coalition 

The Scottish Cancer Coalition ensures the needs of people living with or affected by cancer in Scotland are met. Member organisations have a complimentary range of expertise and experiences representing a wide range of cancers and have a shared vision for collective action to make a difference and improve outcomes for cancer patients in Scotland.

By working together, we provide a stronger voice for the cancer community, patients, and families within Scotland. The coalition offers the value and the benefit of a regular and coherent communication channel for the Scottish Government, Ministers, MSPs and NHS Scotland with their key stakeholders. 

Twitter- @ScotCancerCo

Scottish Coalition on Tobacco 

SCOT – the Scottish Coalition On Tobacco – is a dynamic coalition of 22 health groups, charities and civic and voluntary organisations campaigning to shape a positive future for public health in Scotland. The combined influence of SCOT adds weight to policies and campaigns, and demands the attention of all policymakers. 

The coalition provides a platform to share views with other organisations and policymakers as it works closely with the Scottish Government, NHS Health Scotland, and the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Tobacco Control.

SHPBN – The Scottish HepatoPancreatoBiliary Network

We have been a key partner of the SHPBN since its creation. Its primary aim is to ensure equity of care for all patients in Scotland with cancer of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder or biliary tree.

Wales Cancer Alliance 

The Wales Cancer Alliance (WCA) is a coalition of charities working to prevent cancer, improve care, fund research and influence policy in Wales.

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