Current campaigning

Pancreatic Cancer Action is a member of several groups committed to campaigning and furthering the case of patients with pancreatic cancer.

Campaign with us!

Early diagnosis and improving the survival rate of pancreatic cancer is a challenge and we still have a long way to go. It can sometimes feel difficult to know the best way to help and how to make a difference. One of the simplest ways of campaigning is by contacting your MP.

Advocating for patients during COVID-19

We are working hard to ensure cancer patients are not secondary to those with coronavirus. We are doing everything we can to advocate for you by:

  • Fighting to be the voice for patients whose treatment or palliative care is not currently considered urgent.
  • Working to understand how patients who decline or unable to have cancer tests of treatment at this time will be followed up.
  • We are doing everything we can to advocate to access to treatments that lengthen and improve quality of life for patients.
  • Being in regular contact with NHS England and other organisations to ensure that patients with cancer symptoms are still being referred

What we are doing about reduced cancer referrals:

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all areas of the health service and seen the biggest reorganisation of care in living memory. With so much focus on the virus, there is a risk that other conditions such as cancer may be downgraded and less of a priority.

Representing patients during coronavirus

The PCA office may be closed but we are still working hard from home to be a voice for pancreatic cancer patients during this challenging time. Find out how we are working hard to represent pancreatic cancer patients during coronvirus.