Chris Wiltowski

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Chris Wiltowski

Describe yourself in 5 words 

Friendly, Loyal, Driven, Compassionate, Honest

Why did you pick to work at PCA?

After spending the past couple of years contracting in Motorsports, I realised that I wanted my work to have a positive impact. Before I interviewed for the position at PCA I knew nothing about pancreatic cancer, and the more I learn the more I feel it is vital to spread awareness of the disease.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Outside of work, I whittle away many hours playing games and at the weekend I love to relax, spend time with my girlfriend and our cats. I’ve also always been a fairly active person, and a year ago I switched from riding Mountain Bikes to playing Tennis again.

Contact Chris at or call on 0303 040 1770.