Distribute our information

With the local community and general public

Our Free Action Pack is packed full of awareness materials to help you raise awareness in your workplace or
other community areas e.g. supermarkets, clubs, libraries, pharmacies. 

Another great way to distribute our information is to ask to set up a stand. Visit your local supermarket or pharmacy to find out if they’d allow you to set up a stand with information.  We will be able to supply with everything you need for your stand.

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With GPs and medical professionals

At Pancreatic Cancer Action we strongly believe that raising awareness of pancreatic cancer and the its signs and symptoms can save lives. One of PCA’s key objectives is to offer free education to primary care professionals.

You can help us to achieve this by talking to your local GP practice about pancreatic cancer and by letting them know about our free e-learning module for GPs.  We can provide materials to help you do this:

GP Briefing Pack

Our GP briefing pack contains information about the symptoms and risk factors for pancreatic cancer with a guide for GPs outlining the diagnosis challenge.  It highlights how patients might present symptoms of pancreatic cancer and what the early indicators might look like.

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The pack also contains information for your GP about our eLearning module:

GP eLearning Module

E-learning booklet COVERWe understand that GPs are extremely busy and can find it difficult to leave the surgery to attend training sessions. To make it easier for GPs to access the latest information on pancreatic cancer we have developed free online interactive training.

You can help us by letting your doctor know that this eLearning module is available, that it is free and it can earn them CPD points (Continued Professional Development points).

Order some flyers to take into your local surgery

We are also beginning to roll out GP seminars across the UK.  If you would like to be involved with organising one in your local area, please get in touch with us on [email protected]