Purple Thistle

Our History

Pancreatic Cancer Scotland (PCS) was formed in 2010 by a group of patients, carers, nurses and doctors in Scotland to share hope, knowledge and action in the battle against pancreatic cancer.

Thanks to dedicated, passionate volunteers, PCS grew steadily over time, with a commitment to raising awareness, improving education, healthcare, research and support for patients and families in Scotland.

Helped by a wide community of enthusiastic supporters and inspiring fundraising, Scotland’s pancreatic cancer charity grew from strength to strength over the years.

In 2017 PCS entered a new stage of significant growth, transitioning from being mainly volunteer led to investing in a new staffing structure. A small team of committed individuals helped strengthen and support the charities development alongside dedicated volunteer trustees and the PCS steering committee.

The mission of PCS was to ensure that everyone in Scotland affected by pancreatic cancer and associated tumours has access to support, information and care, as we worked towards improving patient outcomes and changing the numbers.

As proud members of The Scottish Cancer Coalition, Pancreatic Cancer Europe and The World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition, PCS demonstrated a collaborative approach in working with organisations across Scotland, the UK and the world, with a shared mission to drive transformational change for all those affected by pancreatic cancer.

Ross Carter, Ali Stunt and Fiona Brown holding a banner that reads "Taking Action Together"
Ross Carter (Co-Founder of PCS), Ali Stunt (Founder and CEO of PCA) and Fiona Brown (Development Manager PCS) Copyright photo by Paul Chappells www.paulphoto.co.uk

In 2020 PCS entered a new chapter for the new decade, merging with Pancreatic Cancer Action (PCA).

PCS and PCA have always enjoyed a positive collaborative working relationship. Addressing the urgent need to take more action to increase pancreatic cancer survival rates, merging to become one charitable organisation will enable considerable progress and impact to be made towards our shared vision of making the 2020’s the Decade of Change for pancreatic cancer.

Continuing the original ethos of volunteer involvement in Scotland, a new Scottish Development Committee (SDC) of PCA has been created.

With all funds raised in Scotland continuing to benefit Scotland, the SDC brings together trustees, volunteers and employees, to provide an advisory role to support the direction and development of activities and projects in Scotland.

2020 marks 10 years since PCS was formed and we wouldn’t be in the position to do what we do without the incredible support of fundraisers and volunteers. We thank everyone for their continued inspiring support and contributions. TOGETHER we can make a difference.