Pancreatic Cancer Patient Experiences

You are not alone.

After a diagnosis for pancreatic cancer, a quick trawl through the internet will bring up some terrifying statistics which can leave you feeling hopeless and alone.

One thing that can help is knowing that there are others out there facing the same diagnosis you are, and to learn how they cope and what their experience of pancreatic cancer has been.

Here we bring you a collection of people in the UK who are pancreatic cancer patients; living with and sometimes beyond pancreatic cancer. Their stories are their own, either written themselves or a family member or we have been given permission to link to a blog where a family member reports on the experience.

Ceridwen and Danielle share their story in this video…

Share your own story

The feedback we get from patients and their families is that these pancreatic cancer patient experiences are very valuable, especially to those with a new pancreatic cancer diagnosis or for those undergoing surgery for pancreatic cancer or having chemotherapy treatment.

If you have experience of pancreatic cancer and want to tell your story, we would be delighted to hear from you. We will not share your details with any third party organisation, nor share your story anywhere without your permission.  Contact us to discus how you can share your story.

HealthTalkOnline.orgThere are also very comprehensive patient stories available on the HealthTalkOnline website.

These are mainly video presentations (but not exclusively) of interviews with patients about various stages of their disease, and topics range from noticing first symptoms to coping with the emotional side of pancreatic cancer. Our founder, Ali Stunt is one of the patient contributors and believes this is a very valuable resource for patients, their families and even medical professionals who need to know more about what it’s like to have pancreatic cancer. Click here to access the website