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We’re now on the NHS Learning Hub!

We’re delighted to announce that our specialist pancreatic cancer education and training resources are available on the NHS Learning Hub. The Hub now provides millions of healthcare professionals and government officials convenient access to our CPD-accredited e-learning modules and other essential information. This is vital to ensure that pancreatic cancer symptoms are recognised earlier, and a diagnosis is given in time to enable life-saving treatment.

Currently, only around 7% of people diagnosed live for more than 5 years and only 10% of patients are currently diagnosed in time for life-saving surgery in the UK. This has to change.

Pancreatic Cancer Action produced the world’s first CPD-accredited e-learning modules on pancreatic cancer for GPs, hospital doctors, pharmacists, and pharmacy teams. Since their launch, over 10,000 GPs have benefited from our specialist training.

The training gives healthcare professionals the tools to diagnose pancreatic cancer earlier and with our training now available on the NHS Learning Hub, this is a huge step forward in our fight to save more lives through early diagnosis and enhancing patient care.

The Learning Hub supports organisations and individuals across the NHS health and social care workforce, including local government and universities. Those who are registered on the Learning Hub can access our training and resources now.

You can also access our CPD-accredited e-learning modules for for GPs, pharmacists and pharmacy teams on our website:

Due to the success of our current range of education and training programmes, we hope to develop accredited e-learning modules for allied healthcare professionals, such as physiotherapists, where misdiagnosed patients are often referred.

In addition to the education and learning resources now available on the NHS Learning Hub, we are proud to be the only pancreatic cancer charity to offer PIF Tick-certified health information booklets.

PIF Tick is the UK-wide quality mark for patient information, so you can trust our high-quality, clearly communicated, evidence-based healthcare information. These booklets are free and can be viewed or downloaded online or sent directly to patients, their families and healthcare professionals. Some of our key information has also been translated into six additional languages.

As a charity dedicated to saving lives through early diagnosis, educating and training GPs, pharmacists, and the wider healthcare community is vital. Our inclusion in the NHS Learning Hub is an exciting step closer to a day when everyone is diagnosed early and survives pancreatic cancer.