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Green = where we have taken action so far!

We need your help to take our regional campaigns national so that every GP,pharmacist and the UK population sees symptom information so more can be diagnosed sooner.

This June have launched three of our key initiatives in Northern Ireland at the same time. We are raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer with the public, GPs, and Pharmacy teams with the goal of increasing awareness and early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

As a small charity we have concentrated our efforts in small regions of the UK as funds have allowed. The regions highlighted in green are where we have launched our awareness campaign so far!

Our ambition is to help us get this campaign to all corners of the UK. You can help us do this by donating a one-off or monthly donation.

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What does the campaign involve?

GP awareness

Taking Action in Northern Ireland - raise awareness with GPs

Distribution of GP packs which include information about our e-learning module to encourage as many GPs in each surgery to further their knowledge of the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer. The pack will also include: diagnostic guidelines, a symptom reminder pen and how to access information for patients.

£35 will fund resources for 1 GP surgery: Click to donate

Pharmacy awareness

Taking Action in Northern Ireland - raise awareness in pharmacies

Distribution of pharmacy packs which will include a variety of similar materials to the GP pack as well as pharmacy specific materials. Pharmacy teams are a key point of contact for the general public who need advice on over the counter medication and so, they are perfectly placed to identify symptoms that tend to be disregarded by patients as mere inconveniences (e.g: indigestion and loss of appetite).

 £17.60 will fund resources for 1 pharmacy: Click to donate

Public Awareness

Taking Action in Northern Ireland - use social media

By ensuring that more people are aware of the disease, the symptoms and their risk, we can help change the story for pancreatic cancer. It is not ‘the silent killer’, as it has been dubbed, and going to the GP or pharmacist with symptoms early can help more patients to be diagnosed in time for surgery and potentially save their lives.

£10 gets over 200 people to see our outdoor digital poster: Click to donate

£55 will pay for a bus advert for 2 weeks: Click to donate

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