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365 Days of Messages

We're proud to have partnered with 365 Days of Messages, a year-long service that sends uplifting and motivational messages to people fighting cancer.

365 Days of Messages

Listen to the 'It's all about you!' podcast!

Our Founder and CEO, Ali Stunt, recently joined the creator of 365 Days of Messages, Deborah Fielding, on her 'It's all about you' podcast. Where she discusses her experiences with pancreatic cancer and shares the signs and symptoms to look out for.

The brilliant initiative was created by Deborah Fielding, a breast cancer survivor who, when undergoing treatment, realised that family and friends don’t always know how to help.

She received many bouquets of flowers but very little in the way of genuine, solid help to get through the mental challenges that cancer poses.

Deborah Fielding

Deborah was determined to help others in a similar position and on the final day of her chemotherapy treatment she launched 365 Days of Messages – from the hospital!

The service is simple, once signed up, customers receive a message every day which are ‘designed to say the right things that actually help rather than hinder cancer patients during their battle’.

Here are some examples of the messages:

365 Days of Messages examples

Each message has been crafted by Deborah personally, all with the aim of supporting, encouraging and inspiring people during the most difficult times of life.

You can sign up for a selection of messages groups which include ‘Cancers’, ‘Nutrition’, ‘Brighter Thinking’ and ‘Kind Words’, and at £36.50 for the entire year, cost no more than a bouquet of flowers.

In addition to the wonderful service, Pancreatic Cancer Action will also receive £10 from every sale, which will go towards supporting our mission ‘Saving lives through early diagnosis’.

If you would like to find out more about 365 Days of Messages or know someone that would benefit from the service, please click the link below.

Click here for more information about 365 Days of Messages or sign up!