It’s All About You! Podcast

Our founder and CEO, Ali Stunt, recently joined Deborah Fielding on her 'It's All About You Podcast' to discuss everything around pancreatic cancer.

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It's All About You! Podcast

Ali was recently invited to join Deborah Fielding, creator of 365 Days of Messages, to talk on her ‘It’s All About You!’ podcast. She discussed everything to do with pancreatic cancer and what we do here at Pancreatic Cancer Action.

Ali, a 14-year survivor of pancreatic cancer, shared her experience with the disease, from noticing some of the early signs and symptoms to telling her children that she had been diagnosed.

She goes into detail about pancreatic cancer, sharing the startling statistics around diagnosis and survival of disease, the most important signs and symptoms to look out for, and what needs to be done to improve the survival rate in the future.