“Mum’s symptoms were missed by doctors for years.”

“Mum went to the doctor with for three or four years with the same symptoms, and nothing was done. She had digestive complaints, a sore back and depression. She had the back pain for a year before they even investigated it."

“She was misdiagnosed with a hiatus hernia at some point during this time. The doctor finally did send her for a liver scan and some other tests. Her liver function tests came back a bit out of sorts so that’s when they started doing the scans. She heard the ER GP say that she’d never had a hiatus hernia when they were trying to get a sample. Her symptoms had always been put down to that. Her symptoms were missed for years.

“She went back to the GP after she received the pancreatic cancer diagnosis and said, ‘why did you not recognise any of my symptoms?’. The GP responded with ‘you win some, you lose some’. After that she changed it so that she was under the care of Dad’s GP, who was lovely.”