Funeral collection

At this sad and difficult time, we are honoured that you have chosen to support Pancreatic Cancer Action. For many this is a time to cherish their memory and consider what their wishes would be.

By supporting PCA at this time, you will do so in the knowledge that all funds donated will make a vital difference to our work with early diagnosis projects. Click here to find out more about where your donation will go.

Please let your funeral directors know that you have chosen to support Pancreatic Cancer Action and that you will arranging a collection the funeral. 

Create a funeral notice

If you would like to create an online funeral notice to let family and friends know about your loved one’s service, you can use the form below. This is easy to set up and share online or by email.  

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Collection envelopes

We can supply you with specially designed envelopes for collecting donations at a service. Please contact us on  or on 0303 040 1770 to order. 

The envelopes make it easy for friends and family to make a donationSome people choose to insert the envelopes into the order of service making donations discrete.