Tobi’s Summer Internship at PCA

This summer we took on a intern to help us develop a concept and test new software and applications to make improvements on some aspects of our processes.

Here’s what Tobi said about his time at PCA:

Tobi Dada our summer intern
Tobi got involved with our Turn it Purple social media campaign and posed with our fun props for an Instagram photo

Looking back on the 6 weeks I have spent at Pancreatic Cancer Action as a summer intern, I can truly say that it has been a humbling experience.

At the start of my internship I was given the opportunity to get familiar with the various tools that the charity used. I was also told more about the charity’s values, aims and achievements, allowing me to draw motivation from their ethos as an organisation.

I was then set a series of tasks by a senior manager (who I reported directly to). These tasked allowed me to build on principles I had learnt in my first year of university, giving me a solid understanding of the application of those principles.

Completing these tasks gave me a sense of fulfilment as they reflected the needs of my colleagues. It also meant that I was playing a crucial role in a pivotal organisation.

Overall my experience at Pancreatic Cancer Action is one filled with happiness and joy. It has been my post productive summer and has allowed me to add long lasting value to a Nobel organisation.

Vicky McLaren, our Information Operations Manager tells us how the summer intern trial went.

Vicky McLaren PCA Information Operations Manager“Today I said goodbye and a big thank you to my intern data analyst, Tobi Dada. Employing an intern this summer has been a hugely positive experience, for both of us. At the end of his 1st year of study for a BSC in computer science at University of Surrey, Tobi spent his summer developing a proof of concept for me, in response to a real business problem.

Tobi was able to devote time and skills that I could not spare, to prove a solution that I can move forward with. In return Tobi has worked with market leading business applications, gained experience working in the charity sector and learned the value of business information and reporting.

I have enjoyed working with a young person at the start of his career this summer. I have been struck by his ability, readiness to research, learn and implement solutions and I have been delighted to play a part in moving his career forward. I will definitely offer another intern position, soon, it’s a win-win.”

We would like to wish Tobi every success in his future and career path and thank you for the work you did during your time here.

If you would be interested in a summer placement at PCA please contact enquiries@panact.org