Challenge Updates 1 & 2

Swim for Survival Session 1

1st November

“Well, today was the first day of my Swim for Survival challenge for Pancreatic Cancer Action and also the start of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. After a busy night celebrating Halloween, I struggled to drag my sorry bum out of bed, but by 8.55am I was stepping into the lovely clean waters at my local pool at Selby Leisure Centre.

My intention was to take things nice and slowly and aim to do around 20-30 lengths. After all, the only time I normally go swimming is during my two week summer holiday so I had no idea what I was capable of. However, the pool was lovely and quiet and I found I was really enjoying having some time to myself, all in the name of such a great cause.

Whilst counting my lengths, I found myself thinking about my dad and how he used to take me swimming when I was little. Before I knew it I was half way to a mile and still going strong. I kept ploughing up and down, mainly using breastroke, with the odd bit of backstroke thrown in, and reached the mile mark. Then surprisingy it was 80 lengths, so why not try and make it to a nice round 100? At 10.15am I left the pool, a little shakily, but feeling pleased with my achievement. So, now only another 1564 lengths to go!”

Swim for Survival Session 2

2 November

“Swim session 2 complete. Another 102 lengths done. 202 in total in two days. Only 1456 to go!”

swim session 2