Sarah-Jane saves the day and takes on Brighton Marathon in place of her sister whose cancer has returned

Ceridwen with her two sons

After completing a year of chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer in 2015, Ceri was set on running two marathons in 2017 to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Action. However, in the last few months, Ceri’s cancer has unfortunately come back. She has now started a new course of chemotherapy and, as a result, her marathon training has had to take a back seat. So, Ceri’s family have all decided to take on the challenge together

Ceri was just 34 years old when she was diagnosed in 2014 with pancreatic cancer; the UK’s 5th biggest cancer killer. She was pregnant with her second child when she became jaundice the day before Christmas Eve. She was treated for a rare condition that happens during pregnancy, but her symptoms continued to worsen and the baby was born prematurely. When her son was only a few weeks old she was told the terrifying news that she had pancreatic cancer and was facing a survival rate of just 5%.

Ceri says: “It had all been such a whirlwind, but all I can remember thinking, is that I would have to give up breast feeding and that if I died, my 2 boys would have no memory of me at all, my eldest son wasn’t even 2 years old and the baby was less than 3 weeks old.  My husband and I didn’t ask any questions at this point as all we wanted to do was start the treatment as soon as possible and get me well again, for me, dying was just not an option.”

Ceridwen and children
Ceridwen with her sons

After undergoing chemotherapy and surgery Ceridwen was feeling well enough to take on the Brighton Marathon to raise funds and awareness for the charity Pancreatic Cancer Action. Unfortunately, due to a reoccurrence Ceridwen is not able to take part. She says:

“I don’t want to let anyone down as you have all been so kind with your donations, I have asked my lovely sister Sarah-Jane to take my place, and being the supportive big sister she is, she has agreed!!”

Ceridwens son
Ceridwen’s son

Whilst Ceri had hoped to run the Brighton 10k alongside her twin sister instead, she has sadly had to pull out of that too. Despite these circumstances, her sisters, Kathy and Sarah-Jane are determined to take on the challenge and keep up the fundraising.

Ceri says: “We have made it a family occasion to support the charity who helped me through my diagnosis and treatment and I hope you can all support us”.

Pancreatic Cancer Action is committed to working towards earlier diagnosis of the disease so that surgery, currently the only cure, is made available to the sufferer. The charity fund research into early diagnosis, provide medical education programmes and launch awareness campaigns.

Ali Stunt, Founder of Pancreatic Cancer Action, said: “We are delighted that Ceri is giving her time to support Pancreatic Cancer Action.

“We rely on the generosity and determination of individuals like Ceri to help us continue our vital work. Please back Ceri in her fundraising efforts so that we can continue research into early diagnosis and raise awareness of pancreatic cancer.”

To sponsor Ceridwen and her family, please visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Ceridwen-Weston.