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Reflecting on the Glasgow Kiltwalk 2022

After resting up, letting her blisters go down and feet recover, our Health Information Executive, Heather, reflects on her participation in this year's Glasgow Kiltwalk!


On Sunday the 24th of April, I walked 22.7 miles for Pancreatic Cancer Action. I walked the Glasgow Kiltwalk from Glasgow Green in Glasgow City Centre to Balloch near Loch Lomond.

Our friend had spoken about doing it before but was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When he asked if I wanted to do it with him this year, I thought it seemed a great opportunity to raise money and awareness for Pancreatic Cancer Action. After our partners agreed to do it with us, we registered and started fundraising for our chosen charities.

When we met at the Kiltwalk start line in Glasgow Green at 9.30am, we were full of energy and optimism about the day ahead. There were thousands of people getting ready to walk with us to raise money and awareness for other charities, and the sun was shining in Glasgow (for once).

Kiltwalk 2022

The supporting staff and volunteers could not have been better, and we agreed they actually made the day what it was. Each pit stop was well organised, lots of music to keep spirits high, plenty of water and snacks, and easy access to first aid if we needed it. As the day continued, we started to tire, and our feet and bodies started to hurt. However, the volunteers cheering us on the route kept us going.

There were signs every few miles indicating how many miles we had to walk, which certainly helped keep us going as we started the countdown.

kilt walk

When we crossed the finishing line at 6.45pm (nine hours after we set off!), we were met by more support volunteers, cheering us on alongside our friends and family. Our feet were in bits but soon forgotten when we were presented with our medal and a free meal! Knowing we had all raised money for charities that were important to us made it all worthwhile.

If I were to give any advice to anyone, it would be to take it at your own pace. As a group, we really enjoy walking together in our free time, but this was a distance we had never walked before. Another tip would be to take headphones and listen to music or a podcast as you walk; something to focus on. Also, make sure to make the most of the pitstops that are organised. They are there to give your feet a break and recharge!

Overall, it was an excellent day! It was an amazing environment filled with support, and we are proud to have taken part.


If reading Heather’s blog has left you inspired to participate in the Kiltwalk, you can still sign up! Here are the outstanding Kiltwalks for this year:

  • Aberdeen- Sunday 29th May,
  • Dundee- Sunday 21st August,
  • Edinburgh- Sunday 18th September,
  • Scotland’s Virtual Kiltwalk- Friday 7th October to Sunday 9th October.

You can sign up for the Kiltwalk by clicking here! Remember, any funds that you raise will be topped up by 50% by Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation.