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Purple Pansy Tribute in Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month is a time to take action against pancreatic cancer by raising awareness in your local community, office or even school. But it can also be, for many, a time of remembrance.

Pansy Tribute with Pancreatic Cancer Action

There are lots of ways to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one throughout November and throughout the year. This could be lighting a building purple, wearing purple and wearing awareness pins. It could also be through creating your own Pansy Tribute.

A Pansy Tribute in Pancreatic Cancer Action’s Tribute Garden is an online page that can become a place of comfort to visit at any time or place. It can also be somewhere where you can look at and listen to memories. You might want to upload photographs, videos, music, or sounds to your Tribute page and invite family or friends to visit it. You could also invite them to share their own memories too.

Why the pansy?

Although the purple pansy is recognised as one of our charity symbols, it signifies much much more. Worn by patrons, supporters and trustees, the pansy represents hope and life.

Hope; that survival rates from pancreatic cancer will increase and that treatments for the disease will develop, giving patients and families the best quality of life possible whilst fighting the disease.

Life; the pansy is a living thing that is able to fight and blossom at some of the coldest and toughest times of the year… including November!

We believe that the pansy really does reflect the resilience and strength that pancreatic cancer patients, families, and friends have throughout their experiences with the disease.

If you’d like to find out more about our Pansy Tribute Garden, or want to set up your own Tribute, click here.

Pansy Tribute with Pancreatic Cancer Action Pansy Tribute with Pancreatic Cancer Action - by Lauren