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PCA Join NHS in call to People With a Weakened Immune System to get COVID-19 Vaccine

Pancreatic Cancer Action has joined forces with the NHS and more than 40 other charity leaders to encourage people with a weakened immune system to continue to book in or visit a walk-in centre for their COVID-19 vaccines.

PCA Join NHS in call to People With a Weakened Immune System to get COVID-19 Vaccine

The letter, which was published on Thursday the 26th of May, was aimed at all individuals aged 12 and over who are immunosuppressed, advising them to receive a Spring booster dose of the vaccine, which should typically take place six months after the last dose.

For those who are immunosuppressed due to them currently receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy and have not had their Spring booster, you may not have the best protection you could possibly get from the vaccine. The letter also urges those who have not yet had their first vaccine to book today.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation recommends that people with a weakened immune system receive their Spring booster as close as possible to six months after their last dose for maximum protection. However, the booster can be given from three months where necessary, depending on individual circumstances.

People are advised they will be contacted by the NHS when they are due a Spring booster. If you haven’t heard and you think you may be eligible, then you can book a vaccination and come forward.

Third doses for people who are severely immunosuppressed

If someone was severely immunosuppressed when they had their first two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, either due to a health condition or medical treatment, they are eligible for a third dose. For those severely immunosuppressed, you should have three doses as your primary course, with the third dose provided eight weeks after the second, and then you are eligible for a booster at three months and a further booster between three to six months after.

If you think you are eligible for a third dose but haven’t had it yet, you should make an appointment today.

  • The full open letter from NHS England can be viewed here.
  • If you’d like to book your COVID-19 vaccine or booster, you can either do so by clicking here, calling 119, or find a walk-in site.
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