NHS Winter Vaccines available in Scotland!

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Pancreatic Cancer Action
Patient Information Booklets

What is Pancreatic cancer and how is it diagnosed?

This booklet for patients and carers describes pancreatic cancer, its causes and symptoms. It gives detailed information on the diagnostic tests used and the stages of pancreatic cancer. It includes a section on what to ask your doctor, where to go for further information and a glossary to explain many of the terms used.

NHS Scotland Winter Vaccines (Flu and COVID-19)

NHS Scotland continues to offer winter vaccines. NHS Scotland recommends you get your vaccines as soon as they are offered to you. NHS Inform has up-to-date, reliable information and includes a self-help guide to help people understand if they are eligible for both the flu and COVID-19 vaccine and how to access their local vaccination clinic.

NHS Scotland

Vaccines help to boost your immunity. As protection fades over time, it is important to have the vaccines when they are offered.  It is also never too late to take up the offer of vaccination. Please reassure those you support that it is not too late to get all of their recommended COVID-19 vaccines. People can get vaccinated if they have never been before or if it’s been a long time since their last COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccinators will be welcoming and happy to answer any questions.

  • Frontline health or social care workers, and non-frontline NHS workers can book appointments online now
  • All people aged 65 or over should have received a letter with a scheduled appointment
  • People aged between 50 and 64 should have received a letter with instruction on how to book online.

If letters/appointments have been missed or not yet received people can book an appointment online

Patients with immunosuppression are likely to become very unwell if they catch COVID-19. This includes, but not limited to, those suffering from cancer or undergoing cancer treatment.