Bereaved Story

“I only have weeks and you know it”

Read this supporter's mother's experience with pancreatic cancer. As per the request of the story sharer, the names have been changed, but the details remain the same.

pancreatic cancer patient

My mum was a fit and healthy woman, always much younger than her years. She retired in August 2016 and her symptoms started in November 2016.

Her GP did not really take her symptoms seriously. My mum still looked great. The GP advised it was a tummy bug and prescribed paracetamol & Buscopan.

My mum had to push the GP to get a hospital referral. Tests at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley started in January 2016, and on the 4th of February, we were given the devastating news that my mum had pancreatic cancer. The consultant literally drew a crude ballpoint pen picture of what that looked like and how it had already spread to her stomach. They advised three to six months.

Mum knew better, and replied: “I only have weeks and you know it.” My mum passed away at home only 20 days later on 24th February 2016. During those times at home, we were helped mostly by district nurses, who were great. Marie Curie nurses also helped at night nearer the end of my mum’s life. The GP also came to apologise.