Lord Porter Spalding asks questions about pancreatic cancer to her Majesty’s Government

untitled-design-16We were really pleased to hear from the office of Lord Porter Spalding,  Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on pancreatic cancer, last week. He wanted some more information on the poor survival rates of pancreatic cancer in order to ask questions to Her Majesty’s Government. 

On the 7th and 12th December 2016 Lord Porter of Spalding posed questions to Her Majesty’s Government regarding what the government are doing about improving early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and the lack of researching funding. The questions are as follows:

  1. What steps is Her Majesty’s Government taking to improve early diagnosis rates for pancreatic cancer? (7th December 2016)
  2. In the light of the five year survival rate for patients suffering from pancreatic cancer, what funding has been provided for research in pancreatic cancer since 2010? (12th December)

We are eagerly awaiting the responses and we look forward to continuing to work with Lord Porter Spalding in the fight against pancreatic cancer!