Charity news

Joe Kirwin is our new CEO

I am extremely proud to become CEO of Pancreatic Cancer Action (PCA), one of the UK’s leading pancreatic cancer charities.

I joined PCA back in January 2021 as Health Policy and Projects Manager, so already have first-hand experience of what an amazing charity PCA is, and the incredible work the team do.

During my time at PCA, I have led projects and campaigns that have resulted in potential life-saving innovations and investments. I have successfully campaigned for major developments for patients, such as changes to NICE Guidelines to improve early diagnosis and enabling GPs to have the ability to make direct referrals for CT scans.

With the support of my team, I launched new, world-class accredited resources to support patients through their pancreatic cancer journey. I have also delivered major research projects in partnership with the University of Surrey on the relationship between diabetes and pancreatic cancer.

As well as my time at PCA, I have previously worked with other major charities such as The Salvation Army, DePaul UK and Alzheimer’s Society, where I delivered campaigns and projects focused on transforming people’s lives. Outside of this, I am also very proud to be a respected leader in my local community as an elected Councillor, supporting residents with their concerns and contributing to award-winning regeneration projects.

"I’m thrilled by the opportunity to continue fighting for patients and campaigning to improve survival rates."

I’m thrilled to be taking over the role of CEO at this exciting time for PCA and our community of patients, families, and survivors. PCA has a proud history of putting patients and their families at the heart of everything we do. I’m thrilled by the opportunity to continue fighting for patients and campaigning to improve survival rates.  

I’m also delighted that PCA’s Founder and former CEO, Ali Stunt, will continue to support PCA in a new public-facing role as founder and ambassador for our mission and vision. 

Together with the whole pancreatic cancer community, I know that we can finally turn that corner, improve survival rates and save lives. 

All the best,