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Important Creon information

Creon 40,000 will not be available from June 2019

If you have been prescribed Creon, we would like to inform you that Mylan the marketing authorisation holder for Creon, has decided to voluntarily discontinue the manufacture and distribution of Creon 40,000 from June 2019. It’s important to note that this decision is not associated with any safety or efficacy findings.

Why have Mylan discontinued Creon 40,000?

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Producing Creon 40,000 requires a different concentration of active enzymes to other doses. These enzymes have been decreasing over the last few years. Because of this Creon 40,000 has experienced frequent supply problems.

Will I still be able to take Creon?

Creon capsules are interchangeable, you will be able to use other doses to make up for the loss of 40,000. This will involve you needing to take more tablets, but the smaller doses are easier to swallow.

However, we advise that you speak with your healthcare professional regarding transferring to a different strength capsule to achieve the required dose.
Speaking to your doctor in plenty of time will mean your prescription is changed and ready for the discontinuation.

Mylan will have a limited quantity of Creon 40,000 available up to June 2019.

Mylan will have a limited quantity of Creon 40,000 available up to June 2019.

Recent Update

“We had a delay in March with the manufacturing which has resulted in some areas of the UK being out of stock.

Just to reassure you and the patients, we are expecting a delivery this week so nationally all depots will be replenished starting 8th April then we have an additional delivery 15th April.

Looking at the supply plan we then have planned deliveries for May, June and July so I hoping this was just an unexpected blip which has been rectified.

We have another delivery of 40K at the end April then 2x small deliveries in June and July. Once this has ceased there will be more capacity to manufacture 10K and 25K.

There are currently no issues with Creon 10K”

If you have any questions, please contact Mylan Medical Information: or e-mail Pancreatic Cancer Action: