Educating health professionals

Educating health professionals to help them diagnose pancreatic cancer earlier.

At Pancreatic Cancer Action, we are determined to improve early diagnosis in order to ensure that more people survive the disease. One of the key things that we do to try and achieve this, is to provide accredited eLearning modules to help all types of healthcare professionals become more aware of the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

Diagnosing pancreatic cancer in men and women can be challenging due to the fact that the early symptoms are vague and often associated with less serious health conditions. Our courses are aimed at supporting GPs, hospital doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals pick out the potential signs of pancreatic cancer. 

Ali Stunt, founder and chief executive at Pancreatic Cancer Action, said: “We appreciate how difficult it can be for a health professional to make a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, especially given the immense pressures they face every day. That is why we want to ensure that they have all of the information they need to help them make these diagnoses. This is the aim of our eLearning modules.”

Our FREE online learning modules

GP Module

Pancreatic Cancer Action e-learning modules are aimed at educating healthcare professionalsWe understand that GPs are extremely busy and can find it difficult to leave the surgery to attend training sessions. To make it easier for practitioners to get access to the latest information on pancreatic cancer we have decided to make use of technology.

We have worked with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) to develop free on-line interactive training on pancreatic cancer. The module, “Pancreatic Cancer: Early Diagnosis in General Practice” has been designed and written by specialists in the field and overseen by practising GPs.

BMJ Module

In collaboration with the British Medical Journal, Pancreatic Cancer Action has developed and fully funded pancreatic cancer online learning tool specifically for hospital doctors.

The Pancreatic Cancer Action e-learning modules are focused on educating healthcare professionals.

This FREE, OPEN ACCESS interactive module includes multiple choice quizzes, video interviews with patients and specialists, takes one hour to complete and has the following learning outcomes:

  • The risk factors and epidemiology of pancreatic cancer.
  • How patients with pancreatic cancer present, particularly in the secondary care setting.
  • Which investigations doctors should consider when they suspect pancreatic cancer.

Pharmacy Modules

The pharmacy e-module, “Pancreatic cancer – the role of the pharmacy team” for the whole pharmacy team. The module is NPA-accredited.

The Pancreatic Cancer Action e-learning modules are aimed at educating pharmacists.

Working in the pharmacy you are well placed to spot potential signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer. You therefore play a crucial role in aiding early diagnosis, which can significantly improve a patient’s chance of survival.

By familiarising yourself with the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer, you will be able to identify when urgent referral to the GP is required.

With your help, we can make sure more health professionals take the eLearning module.  Please contact us on enquiries@panact.org if you would like to spread the word about our eLearning modules in your local area.