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Could you distribute collection tins for PCA?

With all of us having busy life schedules, we don’t all have the time to commit to running a marathon or holding an event within our local communities to help raise vital funds and awareness.

So as an alternative, have you ever considered distributing some PCA charity collection tins?

Where can I place the collection tins?

By taking a collection tin or two there are no fundraising commitments as you can just place one in a local shop, restaurant or in your workplace. 

Pancreatic Cancer Action collection tin

The average collection tin left by a till checkout can raise on average £30 every 6 weeks! How often do many of us not like carrying change these days, so pop it into a collection tin by the till?

With just 50 collections out in circulation we could potentially raise £13,500 over the course of the year – a fantastic amount of funds and awareness just from a tin!

Where have we placed PCA Collection tins?

We’ve placed three tins in our local shop and restaurant to PCA HQ, The Chocolate Frog Company. Izzy, PCA’s Community Fundraiser, went to monitor them recently and since Christmas they’ve raised £50! The Chocolate Frog just simply placed these tins by their tills and just let people donate as and when they wanted to. 

What would you need to do to take part?

The tins only need monitoring every couple of months and then you can empty them out, count the change by using one of our cash counting forms and then donate the money to PCA either by bank transfer, the donate button on our website or by sending a cheque to our office. 

How can you get involved? 

Do you think you can monitor a PCA collection tin? Contact Izzy if you would like to take part or for further information in how you can take part.