Patient Stories

Ceridwen Maddock Jones

It is with deep sadness that we have to write this post today.  Ceridwen Maddock Jones, an incredible lady sadly passed away on Wednesday 17th June after a five- and half-year battle with pancreatic cancer. She was incredibly passionate about supporting the work of PCA and was determined to raise as much awareness as possible for pancreatic cancer – to make sure others didn’t have to go through what she was.

Ceridwen’s story was one that touched every ones heart. She was diagnosed at just 34 with inoperable pancreatic cancer whilst pregnant with her youngest son. However, she was so positive and was sure that the chemotherapy and radiotherapy would shrink her tumour for surgery- which, thankfully it did.

Ceridwen was able to have Whipples surgery but unfortunately the cancer returned. She has spent the last 5 years battling the disease and her bravery and determination was truly inspiring.

All the staff at PCA are so grateful to have had the pleasure of knowing Ceridwen. She was an incredible woman. Ceridwen raised over £4,000 for Pancreatic Cancer Action and was one of our most active media volunteers, always willing to share her story to help other people wherever she could.

We were lucky enough to attend her charity ball last year in aid of PCA, and it was amazing to see her with all her friends and family who supported her throughout.

We will miss Ceridwen so much. We were honoured to know her and extremely grateful for all of her support.

We are sending our love to Ceri’s family, young boys and friends at the incredibly sad time xxx