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Resources for Pharmacists

Pharmacists with a regular customer base are well placed to identify potential signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer. You therefore play a crucial role in early diagnosis and improving survival.

Being aware of the symptoms and risk factors for pancreatic cancer can help you be aware when an urgent referral to a GP may be required. The resources provided here can help to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer within your team and the local community.

Pharmacy plays a crucial role in aiding early diagnosis, which can significantly improve a patient’s chance of survival
– Pharmacist Ade Williams

NPA learning module

Our pharmacist or pharmacy team e-learning module is National Pharmaceutical Association (NPA) accredited, free online training on pancreatic cancer. The training is based on video format to help you and your team understand the symptoms of pancreatic cancer and give you a clear idea of the pharmacy’s role in helping customers with symptoms.

If you prefer a physical learning module we can send you one in the post. Please e-mail healthinfo@panact.org.

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Pharmacy resource pack

We have created a free pack specifically for Pharmacy with a range of free resources including our free NPA accredited e-learning module, as well as diagnostic guidelines and a symptom diary for patients.

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Awareness materials

Raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer is key to improving the survival rate because if diagnosed early, chances of survival improve significantly.

Through increased awareness of pancreatic cancer, individuals are more familiar with the common signs and symptoms. We can send you leaflets and posters for your pharmacy completely free of charge.

Pharmacy of the Year Award

The Pharmacy of the Year Award takes place every November and aims to unite pharmacies across the UK, encouraging everyone to show their support for pancreatic cancer. The primary goal for the Turn it Purple Pharmacy of the Year Award, is to raise awareness of the disease and to help pharmacy teams spot the early signs and symptoms in customers and in the local community.

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