Stereotactic radiotherapy treatment

Some people can have sterotactic radiotheraoy as part of a clinical trial. This is where rays are fired at the tumour from a number of angles inside a radiotherapy machine. This is also know as sterotactic ablative radiotherapy or CyberKnife®  

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How does it differ to regular radiotherapy?

Like conventional radiotherapy, CyberKnife® delivers high doses of radiation to the tumour. The key difference is that many beams of lower doses are used at one time instead of just one large-dose beam. Each of the radiation beams carries a small dose of radiation and this allows a computer system to track the tumour’s position. It also respond to patients’ movements and breathing, ensuring only the tumour is targeted. This ensures that the tumour receives the high dose of radiation but surrounding normal tissue will receive significantly lower doses, making it safer for patients.

How do I get CyberKnife treatment?

If you wish to access CyberKnife® treatment you will need a referral from either your Consultant or your GP to one of the centres in the UK. Otherwise you find a suitable clinical trial in your area.

There are currently two private centres in London:

Current NHS Facilities include:

For an up to date list of UK centres please visit the Accuray website.

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