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What is a #TeamPCA Action Fund?

Here at PCA, we have established one place where friends, family and colleagues can raise funds and awareness in memory of their loved ones under an Action Fund.

Pancreatic Cancer Action

How do Action Fund’s work?

All our Action Fund owners can participate in a multitude of activities, all with the common goal of raising vital funds and awareness for pancreatic cancer. This can vary from:

Whether Dad is running a marathon, Gran is holding a bake sale or the colleagues are doing an Awareness Stand at work, you can all do this on behalf of your TeamPCA Action Fund. Together, you can make a difference and change the future of pancreatic cancer, as one.

Action Fund’s give you the chance to fundraise in the name of someone special and pay tribute to them by supporting PCA.

Fundraising with an Action Fund


By setting up an Action Fund on JustGiving, this allows all team members to fundraise on individual pages and contribute to an overall total! It’s a great way of raising money separately whilst funding the over-arching goal for the Action Fund. The team page will list everyone’s page individually as well as your collective total.

Offline donations

If you collect sponsorship at an awareness stand, in a tin or with a bucket, you can add these funds to your overall total too. This is a simple step that can be done through JustGiving to reflect the amount you’ve raised collectively in memory of your loved one.

Action Fund’s are a chance to raise vital funds and awareness as one. Collectively, you can make be the change pancreatic cancer needs for a future of early diagnosis.

If you’d like to set an Action Fund up today, please call Annie on 0303 040 1770 ext or e-mail fundraising@panact.org

Pancreatic Cancer Action