Resources for Medical Professionals

Medical Education Videos on pancreatic cancer

We have lots of resources for medical professionals on pancreatic cancer including two e-learning modules, GP seminars, videos of medical seminars and GP consultations, published reports, our patient information publications and awareness materials to order.

Key Messages for the medical community:

Pancreatic cancer has one of the highest incident-to-mortality ratio for any disease.

For more in-depth information, see our pancreatic cancer statistics page. 

Every GP in the UK will see a new patient with pancreatic cancer at least every 3 years and most patients have a delay in diagnosis.1

The average-size GP practice will see on average one case of pancreatic cancer per year.

It is vital therefore that clinicians are reappraised of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer in order to save lives.

  1. NICE (2015) Referral for Suspected Cancer. A Clinical Practice Guideline.