HCP Inoperable pancreatic cancer

If your patients’ tumour is inoperable, they will have a different need in terms of support. Organising a cancer review with the patient can identify your patients’ needs and you can help them access support or provide information to supplement their knowledge.

Information for your patient

Community sign posting

Patients who are not referred to dieticians will still benefit from this intervention to maintain their quality of life. Early referral to palliative care is proven to prevent over treatment and improve quality of life in patients with pancreatic cancer.

Advanced care planning

It may also benefit your patient to begin to discuss advance care planning and resuscitation with them. Patients or carers may need assistance from outside organisations, such as social services, to assist them as their condition deteriorates.

Symptom management for your patient

Pancreatic Cancer Action produces health information for “Controlling the Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer ”. This booklet will discuss pancreatic cancer symptoms as the disease progresses and guides patients through pharmacological and surgical management.

If your patient is having chemotherapy, they will benefit from our health information booklet “Chemotherapy Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer”.

Macmillan Cancer Support produce booklets and online information for carers and patients whose disease is advanced. Information ranges from coping with the diagnosis to care planning and help that’s available for carers. The website hosts forums where patients and carers can talk to people in a similar position to their own and seek advice.

Disease progression

Pancreatic Cancer Action also offer a booklet on “Supportive and End of Life Care for Pancreatic Cancer”. This is designed to help patients and their families understand the end-of-life process and begin to make plans accordingly. This may also help you to approach the topic with patients and their families and the information may be useful to them during a difficult time.

Free information booklets

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