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Pharmacy e-learning Module

Working in the pharmacy you are well placed to spot potential signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer. You therefore play a crucial role in aiding early diagnosis, which can significantly improve a patient’s chance of survival. By familiarising yourself with the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer, you will be able to identify when urgent referral to the GP is required.

We have developed free online interactive training on pancreatic cancer. There are two modules, one for pharmacists and one for pharmacy teams. These are the very first modules of their kind in the world to focus on the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer for pharmacy. The modules are NPA-accredited.

If you prefer a physical learning module we can send you one in the post. Please e-mail Healthinfo@panact.org.

Our NPA-accredited e-learning modules for pharmacists and pharmacy support staff will help you to:

  • Identify the risk factors associated with pancreatic cancer and explore its impact on sufferers
  • Recognise the symptoms that may indicate pancreatic cancer and require urgent referral to a GP
  • Reflect on the communication skills needed when speaking to customers who are suffering from, or showing symptoms of, pancreatic cancer.

The modules contain two videos; one to help highlight symptoms to look out for in patients, and a bespoke animation that will provide you with a clearer idea of a pharmacy’s role in helping customers with potential symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

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