Our Community Volunteers

We have an incredible team of volunteers who support us in various ways. This page is where we share just a few of their amazing achievements and any tips and tricks they give to new volunteers.

Pancreatic Cancer Action

Stories from our Community Volunteers

Tips from our Community Volunteers

“When I am setting up an awareness display I always look to make it professional and eye catching, I also tend to stand in front, so people can talk easily if the so wish and I am not making it look like a Market stall.
On talks, I always have a quiz, where the answer(s) are in the talk so they will hopefully listen more intently. I also stand out of the way when using a power point presentation so that is the focal point not me.”– Barry Walton (Community Volunteer since 2016)
“When I do a stand at a fete or show I always do a lucky dip for kids. I get lucky dip toys from Amazon and wrap them in purple tissue paper. I usually have 2 buckets – one for boys – one for girls. I don’t charge a lot for them as the idea isn’t to make a profit on them but to get people to stop by the stall and then you get to chat to the parents/grandparents etc. I also buy from Amazon a tub of lollies – preferably purple ones and that brings the kids to the stall too.”

– Sandra Francis (Community Volunteer since 2013)