Become an Action Ambassador

We are looking for Action Ambassadors across the UK to represent the charity in your community to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and PCA, provide local engagement, campaigning, network with local businesses and generally provide localised support in the area you live. Raising the profile of pancreatic cancer within your local area is a fantastic way to help, and we really appreciate all the support you can give.

aciton ambassdaors

What does this role involve?

Well, that is up to you … with a little help from us of course!

You can make it what you want. We don’t want to write a one-size-fits-all role because everyone is different.

The role may involve any of the following opportunities:

• Holding awareness stands or giving awareness talks in your area
• Ensure your local GP’s and Pharmacies have our posters and packs.
• Inviting the local community businesses to take part in campaigns such as “PJ’s for PanCan” or “Turn It Purple.”
• Write to your local MP to make them aware of the impact pancreatic cancer has in your community – we can make sure you have current stats and facts
• Using your story, connection and networks to make a difference

If you have any questions or want to apply for any of the volunteer roles, please email or call on 0303 040 1770 during office hours.