Raising awareness with MSP’s this November

This November, Pancreatic Cancer Action is writing to every MSP across the Scotland to tell them about awareness month, why pancreatic cancer patients and the disease are so important, and how we can work together for early diagnosis this month and beyond.

It's About time

Our letter highlights the statisticsurrounding pancreatic cancer and the need to prioritise the disease in the Covid-19 recovery. We discuss 

  • The need to prevent the survival rate from worsening  

5-year survival is currently just under 8% and has remained virtually static for over 50 years  

  • The need to minimise variations in patient diagnosis and treatments  

Pancreatic cancer can affect anyone, but outcomes from the disease vary according to socioeconomic background, ethnicity, and age across the UK. These health inequalities are predicted to increase as the Covid-19 outbreak continues, and pancreatic cancer could be left even further behind.   

  • The need to ensure that every patient gets the highest standard of care 

For those diagnosed in time for potentially life-saving surgery, survival increases to around 30%. This presents an opportunity for intervention where patients can be diagnosed earlier and live longer with a better quality of life.   

  • The need to help us raise more awareness

We are also signposting MSP’s to our resources to help “Turn it Purple” for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. 

Help us amplify our message  

Your support means we can reach more people than ever before and let policymakers know about the challenges facing pancreatic cancer. This year is our most important awareness month ever with cancer services being disrupted by COVID-19 and patients facing increased wait times and potentially worse outcomes. Raising awareness of pancreatic cancer with MSP’s is vital to help us prioritise pancreatic cancer throughout the pandemic and beyond. 

You can join us; help amplify our message and raise awareness of pancreatic cancer in parliament this November by writing to your MP or MSP. We have produced some templates to help you frame your letter, or you can write your own. 

Use this opportunity to talk about your personal story and why you support Pancreatic Cancer Action’s mission for early diagnosis.  

If you have any questions please contact healthinfo@panact.org

Scottish Parliament
Debate in the Scottish Parliament – 17th November  

If you are writing from Scotland, please encourage your MSP to attend the 17th of November debate on pancreatic cancer in the Scottish parliament. 

The Scottish parliament will hold a debate on pancreatic cancer to discuss the disease and challenges in diagnosis, treatment and survival. MSPs from all parties have supported Claire Adamson MSP and her team in calling for the debate, which has taken place annually since 2017.  

At Pancreatic Cancer Action, we have submitted information to support the debate and written to each MSP individually to highlight the problem of pancreatic cancer and specific issues in their constituencies. We are encouraging MSPs to attend the debate and share our resources to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and the importance of early diagnosis in their area. As a result of this, we aim to carry out work with MSPs, health care professionals and local communities to raise the profile of pancreatic cancer, its symptoms and our resources. The more MSPs we can engage, the more we can fight for policy changes to increase early diagnosis and save lives.